About The Self Storage Vault

A Brand New, Clean & Secure Self Storage Faclity! 
The Self Storage Vault provides updated, clean, professional self storage services that make your storage experience both safe and reliable.

A Variety of Storage Options: Our modern facility is packed with a variety of features and conveniences that provide tailored relief and flexibility to each of our customers. Whether you like the comfort of a small or large unit with ceiling heights up to 12 feet for your items or you want to keep your belongings in a climate-controlled environment so as not to damage their current state, our diverse selection of self storage units have got you covered!
Advanced Security Systems: The Self Storage Vault lives up to its name by providing security features that allow you to protect each item you store in our secure self storage units. Besides being located in a highly visible and secure place, our property is equipped with perimeter fencing and a security gate. To top it off, our video surveillance system captures all activity in the area, allowing us to keep an eye over your belongings at all times!

A Modern, Safe & Reliable Self Storage Facility The Storage Vault offers a variety of unit sizes and useful amenities that provide an effective, efficient and pleasant storage experience.