Introducing On-Demand Storage the The Self Storage Vault


November 26th, 2022

On-Demand Storage graphic
On-Demand Storage: Secure Storage Without Ever Leaving HomeConveniently located in the heart of Brightwaters, NY (find us on the map)! Proudly serving Bay Shore, Brightwaters, Islip, Brentwood and beyond!

As a self-storage facility, we know from experience that one size certainly does not fit all. Day-in and day-out, we receive unique requests from our customers and we always go above and beyond to find custom solutions to each individual’s needs. With our new On-Demand storage option, we are addressing two of the most common needs we have seen from our customer base: Convenience and Cost Efficiency. With this new On-Demand service, you have the option of renting our lowest-priced units ever! And the best part is: you never have to leave the comfort of your own home! Book now or read below to learn how it works:

1. Bin it to Win It!
At your convenience, pre-fill bins* at your home with all your unwanted clutter. Our team will pick up the items directly from your home, drive them back to our secure facility, and easily slide the bins directly into your brand new Storage Vault. Easy as that! You will lock your bins personally, so we will never open your bin as we 100% respect our customers’ privacy. Call or text today at (631) 969-9400 or shoot us a note to coordinate your seamless pick-up!

2. Drop by Anytime with No Heavy Lifting
Climbing up stairs? Heavy lifting? No Sweat! Just let our friendly staff know when you arrive to view your unit, and we will get the bins down and ready for you! All you have to do is bring your keys and leave the grunt work to us.

3. Save on Overhead (Literally)
While most storage facilities on Long Island have units starting at $75+, we are thrilled to be offering these units at the low price of just $29/month! By building up instead of out, we are able to offer these units to our customers at an incredibly low price. These Overhead Vaults are safe, secure, and affordable – and with our ‘No Heavy Lifting’ policy, you never have to worry about climbing any stairs when you visit.

4. Ample Storage Space
Our Overhead Vaults boast 65 cubic feet of storage space. To put that into perspective, that type of space can hold approximately:

  • 1,000 Bottles of Wine
  • 500 Gallons of Water
  • 250 Xbox One game consoles
  • 16 Microwave Ovens

5. Don’t Just Store It, Vault It!
At The Self Storage Vault, we pride ourselves on offering unique amenities with a premium on customer satisfaction and safety! The facility boasts 24/7 Surveillance, 360-Degree Perimeter Fencing with a Gated Parking Lot, Climate-Controlled Units, and a host of tools and supplies on-site for your convenience. Click here to book online right away! For more information, please call or text us at (631) 969-9400 or click here to contact us! We are happy to hear from you!

Location: 59 Orinoco Drive, Brightwaters, NY 11718
Phone Number: (631) 969-9400
*Bins used are available for purchase from The Self Storage Vault or can be provided by the customer without incurring any fee
**On-demand services only offered within a 10-mile radius of facility